From CPH Foodtech Community to FOODSTACK community

CPH Foodtech Community is outgrowing Copenhagen, gaining more traction and this calls for further professionalisation. Thus, we are now becoming: Foodstack Community.

Why Foodstack? Because the mission is to build a library of food technologies that enable change makers worldwide to create better food solutions and learn from each other.

The Internet of Food?

The internet brought the biggest change in modern society by far. It radically changed how industries work and impacted the lives of citizens worldwide in record time.

This was only possible because the internet is built on an open technology stack. A global community of developers made the internet happen, step by step.

If one or a few companies had claimed ownership and restricted access, the internet would never have become what it is today.

In the same way, new food technologies can change the basis of society. We can eradicate global hunger, fix most human health issues and improve equality worldwide. All while not destroying our planet.

What if the solutions that provide nutritious, tasty and sustainable food were openly accessible?
– What if you could download a starter-pack for automated farming or alternative proteins with instructions and materials easily available?
– What if there was a global community of capable people with different skillsets ready to help you realise your food dreams?

We want to build a community-driven open food technology stack.
And we’ve already begun, with

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