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Welcome to our project page. Here, you can see an overview of our current projects!


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At Growstack, we grow nutritious and delicious microgreens and leafy greens in our own vertical farm!


WEIO is a company and a movement.
We don’t believe in farm franchise or other borderline enslavement models.
We believe in making food production systems freely accessible with open-source licenses.

Our mission is to create local food resilience globally by building a zero emission food production system that provides healthy and tasty nutrition for local eaters.

We have devised a profit share model, where producers share profit with us only when they can actually afford to do that. In other words we have aligned our incentives 100% with the people we consider the real heroes of our food system: local farmers.


At Regrow, we are exploring ways to bring circularity into our food system by regrowing foodwaste as well as repurposing foodwaste as fertilizer.

Want to get involved?

The more, the merrier! It does not matter if you are an engineer, a designer or just have a curiosity for food. Get in contact with us and become part of our community!